IN BOATS......

Steve standing on the bridge of the 6,500 TEU
containership P&I NEDLLOYD HUDSON

Standing on Monkey Island of the German registered 1,700 TEU container ship, P&O NEDLLOYD BEIRUT

Steve at the wheel of the MING EQUALITY, a brand
new 76,000 DWT panamax bulkcarrier (Are they mad ??)

View from the bridge as the MING EQUALITY was
discharging a cargo of coal (which got everywhere !)

On the bridge of the JONRIX with the Russian captain

On the stern deck of a Liberian registered bulkcarrier.
Not really posing....honest....!

Inside one of the 7 holds of a panamax bulker. A bulldozer "sweeping up" the last of the cargo.

The hold (that I had to climb down into) of the AMBER LAGOON, with its tweendeck open. Not recommended for anyone who suffers from vertigo !

Loading grain into the bulkcarrier ANAIS LAND at Immingham Docks, England. One eye on the weather all the time !!! One drop of rain and "...Get the hatch covers on quick !"

This is how an engine room SHOULD look. (This is a brand spanking new one, on a panamax bulkcarrier that I recently photographed). Very noisy and VERY hot (It can reach 50 degrees C down there)

Alone on the bridge in the Atlantic (off the coast of Portugal) trying to look like I know where the heck we are ! ("Cabo San what...?)"

Out on the starboard bridge wing, approaching Gibraltar in the Med, I thought I'd keep an eye just how close this little fellah was coming (only 5 cables off....tut, tut,tut)

Never my favourite part of the ship, at 50 degrees and deafening noise, I prefer the peace and tranquility of the bridge - where at least you can get some decent sleep...

Officer's Mess on a container ship at sea. Filipinos love their Karaoke competitions...well at least they did until your truely got up to sing. (note the German Captain's face on the right - says it all !)

(1) Steve in the engine room of a products tanker.
(2) Mighty Sulzer engines, just cleaned !

This is a view from the bridge of a 20,000 DWT products tanker that I was on, while loading at Immingham

The old Red Duster, finest flag to sail under -
but a bit of an endangered species these days !

Steve on board the LADY KATHLEEN,
salvage and firefighting tug

MTB 102 which Steve has been on board, accompanied by his colleague, Richard Culligan, who helps maintain her. This Royal Navy Motor Torpedo Boat, was at Dunkirk in 1940 helping with the evacuation. The Skipper at that time was told to "nip over to see what you can do to help". The vessel ended up crossing the Channel seven times under heavy fire, carrying up to 30 soldiers at a time. In 1944, MTB 102 carried Winston Churchill and Gen. Eisenhower as they reviewed the fleet before the D-Day landings. MTB 102 has proudly been present at the Dunkirk "little boats" reunions, including the last, in 2000.

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