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At 05:00 hrs, on July 14th 2012, a fire broke out inside one of the containers on board the large containership MSC FLAMINIA that was sailing from Charleston USA, to Antwerp, Belgium, The vessel was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as the fire was then followed, three hours later, by a massive explosion (instantly killing one of the crew and badly injuring four others). Two more of those injured crew would later die of their injuries.

The DS CROWN came to assist and rescued the remaining crew and the MSC FLAMINIA was then un-manned and adrift in the Atlantic for some days, until salvage tugs could reach her. The fire raged on board, with further explosions.

Eventually under tow, permission was then refused by the British, French and Belgian authorities for the MSC FLAMINIA to be towed through the English Channel, until considerable work was done to ensure cargo was secure and would not pollute the coastlines. The vessel was finally towed to Germany, arriving in Wilhelmshafen on September 8th 2012. Eventually, once patched up, the vessel would sail for repairs in Romania in March 2013. The subject of massive legal suits in the USA between the cargo owners, the German vessel operators and managers, serious questions have been raised about the exact nature of some of the cargoes being carried and whether they had been correctly manifested as dangerous goods before sailing.


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