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On the night of 13th January 2012, the COSTA CONCORDIA was supposed to have been sailing past the small Italian island of Giglio, on route from Civitaveccia to Savona, full of cruise passengers. However, it deviated from the planned course, hit a rock and eventually grounded near the island.

Five officers including the captain have since been found guilty of negligence and been jailed. 32 passengers and crew died in the accident. The evacuation of the vessel was shambolic, with the captain being one of the first to leave the stricken vessel (and subsequently failed to return, despite demands to do so by the Italian Coastguard).

The Italian authorities have refused to allow the vessel to be cut up into pieces, demanding it be removed in one piece to avoid pollution. As such the removal of wreck costs are enormous, making this the biggest single maritime insurance claim of all time, currently at over US$ 1,700,000,000 (being over $500,000,000 for the hull, and over $1,200,000,000 for the wreck removal and other liability costs).


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