Steve's Guide To Vessel Types.

(P.C.C. &/or P.C./T.C vessels)

The car carrier or more correctly the P.C.C. (Pure Car carrier) or P.C./T.C. (Pure car/truck carrier), could never be described as a beauty of the seas, yet in it's rectangular design, is purpose built to carry large numbers of cars.

Manufacturers of cars, mainly in Japan and Europe, use these vessels to ship large quantities of their products around the world. Every Japanese, Korean, or European car you see on your roads, may have been brought across on one of these car carrier vessels

A few years ago, a car carrier, called the REIJIN ran aground and partially submerged off Spain, full of Japanese cars. The manufacturers were so scared of people stealing whole cars or parts from the wrecked vessel (which was easy to reach from land) that they ordered the vessel, and it's cargo of brand new vehicles, to be towed out into deep water and sunk.

More recently, the TRICOLOR sank after a collision with another vessel in the English Channel, proving, yet again, the inherent weakness in the design of vessels with a single massive hold. OK...until water gets in. With no watertight bulkheads, the free surface effect of that water rapidly de-stabilises the whole vessel. In a matter of seconds they can capsize.

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