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This tanker, the NASSIA, was engulfed in flames in the Bosphorus after a collision with a smaller vessel in March 1994. The collision was catastrophic for both those on board and those on land, where considerable pollution resulted. This was one of 5 accidents in the Bosphorus that occurred in a 2 month period. The Bosphorus is one of the most potentially dangerous shipping channels in the world, yet a vital link between the Black Sea and the outside world.

In 1979 a collision between a Romanian and a Greek tanker caused spillage of over 95,000 TONS OF OIL, some of which burned for weeks.

In 1991 a Lebanese vessel struck one of the Bosphorus bridges and sank with its cargo of 20,000 live sheep. The resulting decay produced a noxious effect so terrible that there is still no marine life in the area.

February and March 1994 were particularly grim months for the residents of Istanbul; 5 collisions occurred in the Bosphorus, including the Greek Cypriot tanker Nassia, resulting in over 30 deaths and an oil slick that burned for 5 days. This catastrophe closed the waterway to traffic and dispersed 20,000 TONS OF OIL.



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