The Maritime Web Awards

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The Maritime Web Site Award is completely free and exists to promote the maritime world on the internet. Sites that win this prestigious award may display the award symbol on their sites. Sites are judged on the informative, interesting and accurate maritime content of the site, as well as web design, speed of loading and easy navigation around the site. The Gold Award is only granted to outstanding sites. The Maritime SPECIAL awards are only granted to voluntary organisations set up to assist and save lives at sea and are granted as our tribute to the work of these courageous people.

The granting of a Maritime Web Award (whether gold, silver or special) is at the sole discretion of the judges in England, but already many sites from countries around the world have won Gold and Silver awards. Winners will be informed by e-mail after the applicant's website has been visited and assessed to see if it meets the award criteria as well as being listed on our Maritime Web Award Winners pages. Award winners also receive a free certificate to print and display on the wall ! Run your mouse over the picture of Steve on the left, and when he salutes you, click on him to see an example of the certificate.

Send us your Homepage URL by e-mail (entitled "Maritime Web Award Application"), stating your name, nationality, e-mail address (which will only be used to reply to you with regards to your award application) and the homepage URL :

Once your site has been reviewed and if judged to be worthy of the award, you will be sent an e-mail containing your award confirmation along with either the silver or gold award symbols (or a Special award symbol, for those sites that have by-passed the need for judging) to paste onto your website. Our thanks to Tony on the Isle of Wight (himself a Gold Award winner with his NIGHT OWL website) for the newly re-designed Maritime Award symbols.

Only websites that have officially won the award may display the symbol. Any site that displays the award without having been judged worthy shall be "black-listed". Webmasters of such sites will be asked to remove the symbol and such sites shall not be listed on the winners page.

Steve Harris