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Steve's maritime quiz [Intermediate Level]
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Below are 10 slightly tougher questions to assess the extent of your maritime knowledge. Please answer all ten questions to the best of your ability. Any unanswered questions will be taken to mean "Don't know !". Once you complete this intermediate level assessment, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form and your answers will be automatically e-mailed directly to Steve, who will reply personally (as soon as he gets a chance !) with your results. When you hit the "Submit" button, you may get a warning from your computer that an e-mail is being automatically generated. If so, please say "Yes" and allow it, otherwise your submission will be lost.
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Question 1.
(1 mark)
The York / Antwerp Rules are used in the assessment of what ?

Maximum weight of cargo that the vessel can carry
General Average apportionment
Anglo-Dutch marine taxation scheme on maritime cargoes
Officer's experience needed before becoming a captain
Don't Know

Question 2.
(2 marks)

The new "Malaccamax" containerships have a maximum draft of?

Question 3.
(1 mark)
A GEARLESS vessel is one that .... ?

has no cranes/derricks on deck to load/discharge cargoes
has an engine with automatic transmission, without gears
carries no GPS system or GMDSS systems on board
does not require the officers to wear uniforms
Don't Know

Question 4.
(1 mark)
Under the proposed new Rotterdam Rules, what major defence (currently available to them, under the Hague/Visby Rules 1968) will shipowners lose in the event that the cargo arrives damaged or is lost ?

Cargo damage caused by a war event
Cargo is damaged by a piracy event
Cargo is damaged due to the negligence of the shipowner
Cargo is damaged due to the negligence of master, officers or crew of the vessel
Don't Know

Question 5.
(1 mark)
According to the UNCLOS Convention (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) how far out to sea does a country's national, territorial waters extend ?

5 Nautical Miles
8 Nautical Miles
10 Nautical Miles
12 Nautical Miles
15 Nautical Miles
Don't Know

Question 6.
(2 marks)

A commonly used hatch cover type for general cargo vessels ?

Question 7
(2 marks)

If your vessel is attacked by armed people at sea, and their motive is either political, ideological or religious, is is not an act of "piracy", but an act of what ? (Please answer in the box below)


Question 8
(3 marks)

The new Lloyds Open Form for Salvage (LOF 2011) has sought to bring in which of the following changes ?(You can pick more than one if you wish)

Publishing of awards on the internet
Making adjusters fees part of the award
All use of LOF 2011 to be reported to Lloyds
All of the above
None of the above
Don't know

Question 9.
(1 mark)
With one exception, how far south are commercial cargo vessels normally allowed to sail (under Institute Warranties, American Institute Warranties and the International Navigating Conditions) ?

45 degrees South
50 degrees South
60 degrees South
70 degrees South
75 degrees South
Don't Know

Question 10.
(5 marks)
In your own words and in one sentence, please state what constitutes an act of piracy

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