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Steve's maritime quiz [Higher Level]
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Question 1. A bulkcarrier of 180,000 DWT would be called what type ?

Don't know

Question 2.

On vessels subject to SOLAS, the SMC (Safety Management Certificate) is one of 2 required documents to show compliance with the ISM regulations, what is the other one ?

Question 3. The international system for regulating charter rates for crude oil tankers is known as ?

International Oil Traders Scale
Tankvoy Scale
Don't Know

Question 4. What is the maximum protection against pollution liabilty that the mutual P&I clubs now offer?

Don't Know

Question 5. The deadweight of a vessel indicates the difference between the Load Displacement and and the Light Displacement. What does the Gross Tonnage of a vessel indicate ?

Question 6.
The costs of membership to a mutual P&I "club" are called

Question 7. What is the one liability that there can be limited cover offered under Institue Time clauses - Hulls marine hull insurance ?

Crew Liability
Liability to Cargo
Liability to fixed and floating objects
Removal of Wreck liability
Collision Liability to other vessels
Don't Know

Question 8.
What is the U.S. / Canadian name for what the rest of the world call "Stevedores" ?

None of the above
Don't know

Question 9.
Oil Pollution Liability is (in most parts of the world) limited by 2 international conventions; the Civil Liability Convention (CLC) and the Fund Convention. Who contributes to the Fund convention ?

All Oil carrying shipowners
Top 20 oil exporting States
The P&I Clubs mutually
Top 30 oil receiving States
Top 10 oil companies
All States affected by the pollution incident
Don't know

Question 10. In your own words and in one sentence, please state what "demurrage" is.

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