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Steve's maritime quiz [Primary Level]
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Below are 10 primary level questions to assess the extent of your maritime knowledge. Please answer all ten questions to the best of your ability. Any unanswered questions will be taken to mean "Don't know !". Once you complete this intermediate level assessment, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form and your answers will be automatically e-mailed directly to Steve, who will reply personally (as soon as he gets a chance !) with your results. When you hit the "Submit" button, you may get a warning from your computer that an e-mail is being automatically generated. If so, please say "Yes" and allow it, otherwise your submission will be lost.
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Question 1.
(1 mark)
What is a V.L.C.C. ?

Ventilation on Livestock Carriers Convention (2003)
Vehicle Loading / Car Carrier
Very Large Crude Carrier
Vessel Length Calculation Convention (1997)
Don't Know

Question 2.
(2 marks)

Which of these sizes of bulkcarrier might be a "panamax" vessel ?

Question 3.
(1 mark)
PRISMATIC and MOSS are two alternative designs of which type of vessel?

Oil Tanker
F.P.S.O. (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel)
L.N.G. Carrier
Container ship
Don't Know

Question 4.
(5 marks)
Compliance with the I.S.P.S. Code is an important recent requirement. What do the letters I.S.P.S. stand for and which international convention is the code a part of ?

Question 5.
(1 mark)
Theft or deliberate damage caused by the ship's crew when the vessel is on the high seas is termed ?

Don't Know

Question 6.
(2 marks)

The date on which nearly all mutual P&I insurances renew is

Question 7
(2 marks)

In marine insurance, the War risks Automatic Termination Clause would be immediately activated if any of 5 named countries were to declare war on another of the 5. Below are the flags of 4 of those 5 countries. Which one is missing ?


Question 8
(5 marks)

Bills of Lading issued by vessel operators are commonly drawn up in accordance with which of the following rules ?(You can pick more than one if you wish, as more than one may be correct)

Hamburg Rules (1978)
York/Antwerp Rules (1974)
London/New York Rules (1988)
Hague/Visby Rules (1968)
All of the above
None of the above

Question 9
(3 marks)

The pulling strength of tugs is measured by which of the following ? (Again, you can pick more than one, as more than one may be correct)

Snatch strength
Bollard Pull
Brake Horse Power
Line Pull
Athens Convention Measurement
Deadweight tons
Don't know

Question 10.
(5 marks)
In your own words and in one sentence, please state what constitutes a CONSTRUCTIVE Total Loss (C.T.L.) of a vessel.

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