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At 07:00 (nursing a small hangover) we sighted land again. (Left) Paddy and Pam on the starboard bridge wing with Sardinia in the background. Time for breakfast !

After breakfast, sat chatting with the Philippino cook and the steward in the galley (right). The cook is apparently a good chess player - ah ha ! something to do later perhaps. Came out on deck to see Sardinia disappearing over the horizon astern of us.

At 11:00 the Chief Officer (W. Beeck) invited us to take a tour of the deck with him. After a long walk we arrived on the Foc'sle. Here he described the workings of the anchor handling gear and winches (left).

The foc'sle was the furthest place from the engines and the sound of the bow cutting through the water was very soothing. Hypnotic watching the bow wave drifting astern.

All this activity (!) took its toll, and after (another huge) lunch, Steve felt constrained to slow the pace down (left), having given instructions to the bridge - "just keeping heading ..er.. that way !"

Just before sunset, Paddy thought he saw a dolphin. (We were to see many more tomorrow). But for now, watching the sunset was quite enough (right). At 22.00 we sat on the bridge wing gazing at the stars for an hour or so.