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At 14:45 the pilot launch approached and the pilot came on board, followed swiftly by the tug (left) which pulled us away from the dock (We were not allowed to use our bow thruster in Salerno).

By 15:00 the tug had started pulling us back into a position where our main engine could drive us out to sea. By 15:05 we were underway, with the pilot on the starboard bridge wing with the Captain (right) directing our departure from Salerno. Fabulous views of the Amalfi coastline.


Once we had cleared the breakwater and we were clear of shallow water, the pilot departed onto his launch. Then we quickly gathered speed. Great view of Salerno, now astern of us, from the starboard bridge wing deck (left).

And so.... (right) out to sea with a gentle breeze a calm sea. Wonderful views of the small towns clinging to the cliffs on the Amalfi Coast line - Vietri - Amalfi - Positano.... .

By 16:00, we had passed the Ceramic Coast peninsular and (left) a picture of Steve on the bridge wing with the island of Capri behind. This was to be the last sight of land until tomorrow.

All our meals were in taken the Officer's Mess, where we sat at the Captain's table (right). In this Picture Pam, Roy (our Steward) and Paddy wait for the Captain to arrive and tell us another great story over dinner.

During dinner (at 18.00, the Chief Engineer and his wife invited us to a BARBEQUE (!) on the port 4th deck at 19.00 hours.

Having already eaten a great supper in the mess, we then spent the evening eating barbequed prawns and calamari, served by 4th Engineer Ronald Wallner and drinking a few bottles of German beer, as we sailed gently through the Mediterranean and the sun slowly went down on our first day at sea. I think we finally got to bed about midnight.